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Apps - Audition / Illustrator / Character Animator / Photoshop / After Effects / Premier / Media Encoder

Client: Plumbase


Concept, development/creation and animation of a series of promotional animations for Plumbase incentive programmes.

The Driving Force Behind Quality Assured Vehicle Maintenance...

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To drive brand awareness for MK Fleet Maintenance across its social media channels the focus was on delivering a positive statement that would help communicate MK Fleet's working ethos and create a positive company image, a company to be trusted and one that always delivers on its promises.


Based on the concept of 'The Driving Force' as 'to drive/ a driving force' which was prominent in the initial conversations and idea sessions, and after numerous deliberations and variations The Driving Force Behind Quality Assured Vehicle Maintenance was chosen to best suit the tone and balance of the message when portraying the image of MK Fleet and it's company values.


With this powerful strapline message, simple typography and a clean graphical style, all the key call-to-action information can stand out whilst allowing the main focus of the brand to breathe and take prominence and centre stage.

The Driving Force Behind Quality Assured Vehicle Maintenance

Delivering a strong and clear message with minimal visual clutter to help deliver clear brand recognition.

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Social media page headers

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