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I innovate and create at the intersection of digital, motion and design to provide the best possible impact for my clients & partners.

Lee Sharples - Freelance Creative
Designed Lamps


I'm an experienced and forward-thinking leader, adept at client engagement with a robust creative background, offering tailored creative solutions to meet client requirements. A concept-driven and accomplished professional with over 25 years of commercial expertise spanning diverse creative industries. Proficient in formulating strategic plans for creative teams, delivering impactful branding, storytelling execution, devising marketing solutions, and providing digital strategies for both B2B and B2C enterprises. Extensive experience in pitching ideas to clients and overseeing the creative process from inception to completion. Well-versed in marketing strategies, target audience analysis, and strategic positioning. A skilled communicator with exceptional written and verbal abilities, fostering positive relationships in the workplace.


Areas of Expertise

  • Art Direction

  • Creative Lead 

  • Project Management

  • Account Management

  • Strategic Planning 

  • UI & UX Design/Development 

  • Campaign Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Customer Experience Solutions

  • Video & Motion Production

  • Concepts/Visualisation

  • Digital Creation

  • Print Design

  • Display & Exhibition

blast from the past

Pre-internet, disc-drives, dial-up modems and interactive CD-ROMs! How times have changed, technology has developed and the speed at which we deliver creative solutions is now at a blistering speed and is just gets faster.  At least the principles of creative design are still the same(ish)…

RET, Marketing Manager


"Working with TSE on our latest project was an enjoyable experience. From the outset, the brief was understood and our creativity goals were met and fully delivered." 

Clients and Collaborators

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